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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Website:The Connor MacLeod Homepage
I am Connor MacLeod, of the Clan MacLeod. Born in the Highlands of Scotland, in Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel... and I cannot die.

Canon Info:

Connor lives in NY in the loft apartment above his antique shop at 1182 Hudson St. His very dear friend, Rachel Ellenstein, manages the shop with him.

He is a smidge shy of 500 years old (in 2004 he would be 486). His birthdate is listed at 01 January 1518.

He is a clansman and teacher of Duncan MacLeod.

Physical appearance: Connor is a man of average height and slender build. He is frequently seen in blue jeans and a sweater, sneakers and a khaki/tan trenchcoat. He carries a dragon-head katana that belonged to his teacher/mentor - Juan Sanchez villa Lobos Ramirez.

He speaks with an accent that could be from any number of regions. It sounds vaguely Scottish/British with, perhaps a bit of French, and it's been tinged with a bit of American as well. Very indistinct.

Strangefellows Info:

The year is 2024 and Connor is an old man, mortal, ready to just finish life and 'kick off'. He's won The Prize, lost his wife to skin cancer and helped build that ugly-ass orange-y shield thing around the planet to replace the damaged ozone layer. He still thinks building the shield was the right thing to do - it saved the planet. He's been around for the last 500 years, at least, he rather likes the place.

His loft has been remodeled (several times) and refurnished, but it's still massively huge, with god-knows how tall ceilings. The building itself has also been remodeled; the antique shop long-since closed down and the space it occupied turned into storage (MacLeod collects a lot of stuff).

He doesn't work; he doesn't need to, he's got money, which is good, because things like non-emission gasoline cost $55.00/gallon. He still keeps in touch with his friend Alan Neyman. He likes opera - even though the operahouse's roof leaks, and Glenmorangie (like that was going to change).

He's not from the planet Zeist, but he may be from Tatooine the very distant past. He was immortal - before The Prize.

He goes by 'MacLeod' and damn near everyone knows who he is. Anonymity became a thing of the past the moment he helped put up that shield.

Otherways Info:

Connor - immortal, killed in 1536, but, instead of Ramirez, he ended up wandering around, mostly, on his own. He'd heard rumors of strange swordfights and men who lived far longer than they should - witches talk and little boys listen - he'd thought they were stories until he died and woke up. Needless to say, he was a little pissed off. But he managed to keep his head by being smarter than the others - he played innocent when they would find him and then he'd take their heads. Fun game.

That is, until he met an immortal of a different nature. In 1783 he crashed a party at a Boston judge's home. There were insults, a duel and a vampire stepping in to prevent a still very young immortal from losing his head over something as ridiculous as the insult of another man's wife. Persistant vampire - who goes by the name Nicholas de Brabant - whipped the immortal kid into shape, turned him around and sent him off to play in the world on his own - this time with a better outlook on things.

Connor returned several times over the next seventy-five years or so, then something happened and he didn't see Nick for a while. He saw Nick two or three times between then and today - 2006 or so.

He was never the teacher of Duncan MacLeod - he doesn't even know the man; he doesn't know many of the people he would've met in canon, but he did take out The Kurgan in 1985 in NYC. There's no Brenda, no Ramirez, no Methos. There is Kastagir, though he's dead and Connor only met him in 1783. And he doesn't run an antique store in New York.

For the purposes of RP at [info]milliways_bar, accepted canon for Connor is Highlander and Highlander: The Series (aspects of Highlander: The Raven may also be accepted, but mun hasn't seen that series, and as such, doesn't know which aspects those might be, but is willing to accept summaries *g*). Highlander II, Highlander III and Highlander: Endgame are not accepted canon for this Connor character and will not be referenced. Nor will any of the Highlander-based novels. **Note: Connor MacLeod has been retired from play at [info]milliways_bar and will no longer be seen in that game.

This is an RPG journal for [info]milliways_bar (retired) [info]theatrical_muse, [info]strangefellows and [info]otherwaysb/c mun is clearly insane. Connor MacLeod is the property of Gregory Widen and Davis/Panzer and the portrayal thereof by Christopher Lambert (who is fantabulous in so many ways). No profit is being made from this journal. 'Tis all in fun.

Mun is eternally grateful to The Connor MacLeod Homepage and This page about Connor MacLeod b/c these lovely fans have scoured the canon and mapped out his life - meaning I don't have to remember everything.

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